Hot 'n Heavy Edition

The Game of Lifestyle: Hot 'n Heavy Edition helps multiple couples or a group of adults get the action started. Created specifically for adults in the lifestyle, or those just looking to spice things up, things get “hot ‘n heavy” as players take turns reading cards and carrying out the sexually charged actions. How much things heat up is any player’s choice!

    Hot 'n Heavy Edition


      50 regular-size playing cards, plus instructions, made of high-quality coated-card stock. Fits discreetly in your pocket or purse!


      It's really simple.

      1. The Game of Lifestyle: Hot ‘n Heavy Edition is designed with three levels of play to warm everyone up gradually. They are: Hot, Heavy, and Hot ‘n Heavy. Players can decide how “hot” they want the game to get and discuss any boundaries they may have.
      2. First, separate the deck into the three “hot” levels (as indicated) and shuffle each pile individually.
      3. Then put all three piles together from hot (on the top) to hottest. Card are drawn from the top.
      4. Sit guy/girl in a circle. If possible, couples should not sit side-by-side.
      5. Begin the game with the youngest person and move clockwise.
      6. Each person selects a card from the top of the deck and reads it aloud.
      7. If you see a ‘Spin the Bottle’ symbol, spin the bottle to determine who your partner is for that turn.
      8. If you or the person you choose is not comfortable performing the action, just say “pass” and place the card back in the deck.
      9. Repeat until you’ve finished the deck or you’ve abandoned it for hot and steamy play.

      Scroll through the pictures to see just some of the hot cards included in the deck.