Hot 'n Heavy 'Extra Hot' Expansion Pack

We've turned up the heat with this Extra Hot expansion pack. These cards take the Hot 'n Heavy Edition of The Game of Lifestyle to a whole new level.


Game cards include instructions for oral sex, intercourse, bi-sexual play and anal sex! Pick and choose the cards you want to play with – however 'extra hot' you want to take things and add them to your Hot ‘n Heavy Edition card deck. As always, all consenting swinging adults should agree on what they feel comfortable doing before playing. Please remember to play safe and respect everyone’s boundaries.

Hot 'n Heavy 'Extra Hot' Expansion Pack


    20 regular-size playing cards, plus instructions, made of high-quality coated-card stock. Does not come with box since cards are meant to be added to "Hot 'n Heavy"edition.


    1. Select the cards you want to play with and add them to your The Game of Lifestyle: Hot ‘n Heavy Edition. Players can decide how “hot” they want the game to get and discuss any boundaries they may have.
    2. Game play is the same as "Hot ‘n Heavy Edition".
    3. Play safe.

    Scroll through the pictures to see just some of the extra hot cards included in the expansion pack.



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