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About Us

Why we created The Game of Lifestyle

We're a very happily married couple, with careers and family taking up much of our busy life. After nearly 15-years of being together, we decided we wanted to spice things up.


So, we got into the swinging lifestyle. 


We soon realized meeting another couple can be stressful. While we're both comfortable in social settings, getting to know a couple in a way that's different from vanilla friends can be awkward. And then, when we got together to "play" with another couple for the first time, well, we faced a whole new level of anxiety over how to get that going.

About Us Couple

We knew we weren't the only couple that felt this way. The other couple had the same angst, so there had to be more like us. People really interested in playing with other couples, just not so sure how to get the fun going. So, we created The Game of Lifestyle™ games to help couples in, or exploring the swinger (non-monogamous) lifestyle.


We hope you enjoy them.

Abby & Jake
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