We're big fans of these sites, blogs and podcasts.

And yeah, they're friends of The Game of Lifestyle!

We Gotta Thing





Mr. & Mrs. Jones share their personal experiences and are helping to shape today's swinging lifestyle in a healthy way! Great stories and super helpful advice.

An awesome couple, they have a podcast and a blog where they dish on everything to do with the swinging lifestyle (including even movie reviews) in a way that's sex positive and fun.

Swingers Help v3.png

Dr. Georgia & Will Fuchs are a married couple who share helpful insights and straightforward advice on the swinging lifestyle.

Double Date Nation

Dave and Andi are the wonderful couple behind this amazing site where people can meet like-minded couples in the lifestyle, and get helpful tips and advice.

Silk City Socials

Silk City Socials are premier event organizers hosting an array of sexy of events exclusively for the lifestyle community.

Beyond Our Bedroom

Mr. & Mrs. Swanilla are a fun-loving, sexually adventurous couple that are enjoying a sexy secret; living in the swinging lifestyle. Check out their blog!

Our Naught Escapades

Bob and Nikki, have been in the lifestyle for about 8 years and have had some amazing escapades, good and bad. They share some of those memorable experiences on is fantastic podcast.

Two or More to Tango

A swingers lifestyle podcast hosted by a couple who’ve been married for a long time and never thought they’d be having these adventures!